What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?


Morgan Freeman in “Bruce Almighty!” Surely, the voice of God must sound like Morgan Freeman. Oh wait! Jim Caviezel from “The Passion” has a STRONG running in sounding like the voice of God. I can so remember the days when the voice of God was most comforting when it sounded like Octavia Spencer (Papa) from “The Shack.” Exhale.

Whatever the voice of God sounds like to you, I’d like to encourage you that the voice of God is best described as a feeling rather than an audible dictation. Most confidently, God can open up the heaven’s and speak to you as clear as I would sound in conversation, however with access to the Bible, we can have a one on one experience with the voice of God everyday if we desired. Isn’t that something?!

You and I can access our very present God through His living and active Word every… single… day. This rocks me!

His Word says in John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God.” (Emphasis mine). The Word became flesh when Jesus entered the world and when He ascended into Heaven, He left us a Comforter; the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our key to listening to the voice of God!

You see, if you are anything like me, there have been times you’ve opened the Bible and wondered, “how in the world can anyone understand this?” This changed for me when my heart for God changed. My prayers went from, “Why can’t I hear you?” to “Here I am Lord, help me hear Your voice through the pages of your Word.” The Holy Spirit is ready and active to impart the wisdom to understand the voice of God.

Would you like to know that you KNOW, you are hearing the voice of God?

Re|Defined is hosting its first Bible Study of the year, “Discerning the Voice of God” by Pricilla Shirer. You are invited! We would LOVE to sit with you at our table.

Join our fb group for information on our upcoming Kick Off Party, small group times and deets or email “tell me more!” at friends@redefinedtable.com.



Mónica- A Re|Defined Host

One Reply to “What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?”

  1. So very excited to begin this new study and feel the peace of knowing when He speaks directly to my heart, the assurance of knowing the message He wants to communicate to ME, FOR me, out of love for ME. So special to know we have that with Him. xoxo

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