There is something magical that takes place when you feel yourself physically reach the other side. Right? The other side of heartbreak… the other side of a physical ailment, other side of financial hardship or healing in friendship or your child finally “get’s it.”

The other side physically changes the feel of one’s anatomy. Smiling is easier; laughter rolls out of you simply.

But what about the in between place? What about when the physical weight you feel isn’t one that can be shaken off by your cup of coffee or a glass of wine or anti-depressant?

What happens when the in between you’re experiencing has no end in sight? How do we manage then?

“To really love Him, you must understand that your life is going to be wrecked by Him, and built again into something beautiful, something lasting.”

We WILL go through hard times, the Word makes it clear that we will. My job as a Bible Babe isn’t to administer immunity to heart ache and pain. My job is to TEACH you how use your God given weapons to FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!

My confession: In the last few weeks, I have been in a season of in between. If I tried to explain it, I don’t think it would make much sense.

However, this is what I DO know: As a front liner in this war of Discerning The Voice of God for you and for me, the enemy has tried to WIPE. ME. OUT. Why? Because if he can get to me, he can get to you. And sisters… I will die FIGHTING (*insert the water works) for the victory that is already OURS.

Sometimes, life is so hard. We aren’t immune to that, BUT GOD…. God didn’t leave us here alone to fend for ourselves! The Holy Spirit WANTS to unlock secrets in your heart that no devil in hell can shut out. The Holy Spirit is a Collector of tears and not one, NO, NOT ONE is in vain!

DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP! You hear me? If you are behind, GET BACK INTO IT! This is only hard when you try to fight a war ALONE! NO ONE IS CAPABLE. Don’t give up after coming so far. Trust me when I say, WE ALL are in a war! My breastplate has EACH of your names written on it, right there, closest to my heart.

I know the ministry of ReDefined will touch the hearts of women all around the nation, He already told me. I know why being left out, unconsidered, overlooked and forgotten was my cross. It’s made room for all of this! For all of you!

When you think of me, pray for me. Jesus is setting us EACH up for something that will BLOW OUR MINDS… We just gotta make it to the other side.

And my sweet sister…. *pause,* the other side isn’t a place; it isn’t a stress free zone… The other side is a state of mind. Think your way into deliverance. Lean HEAVY on the Word of God and confess it with your lips, YOU ARE FREE!

“Therefore my sisters, do not be anxious about anything BUT in EVERYTHING by prayer and petition (asking for prayer) with thanksgiving (WORSHIP & GRATITUDE) present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6-7 || #EmphasisMine.

Let’s keep at it my beauties. One step at a time, one week at a time.

– Xo,


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