By: Mónica R Rodriguez


What do you do when you don’t feel like it? So, ok… We know in theory how to combat for our joy, right? We read the Word, we refrain from isolation, we participate in some #ConfessionSessions. If you aren’t familiar, that’s when you find your person or squad and you spill your guts.

But what about those days when absolutely nothing leads you in the direction of having peace. You’re weary, you’re tired, and in some instances, just fed up. What then?

Sisters, allow me to expound on a misconception we frequent often. We sometimes think and are at times full blown convinced that the Jesus Girls we love and respect who scroll up our insta feeds must have this wonderful, untouchable, connection with God and can’t POSSIBLY struggle how we struggle.

Well, here’s a bit of truth. That’s a lie! Lol! Yes, we all have “struggles.”

“We all have thorns to our sides, but it can’t possibly compare to ours,” we say.

We think, that our shame, guilt, sin is too ugly to compare to that of our favorite Jesus Girl. However, babe, you want to know something? No matter what your weakness is in comparison to mine, it all stems from the same place. We all have the same enemy. We are all at war with the same forces on quest for our peace.

Jesus said on the account of the woman caught in the act of adultery, “you with no sin, cast the first stone.” -John 8:7. The moral of the story; her sin was exposed, she was embarrassed and set out to be killed, Yet, Jesus…

My beautiful friend, sometimes we aren’t going to feel like we’ve been delivered or free from our pasts. Sometimes it may feel like we will never measure up or be like our favorite Jesus Girls. At times we will have to fight to get out of bed or be intentional on turning off the comparison button. This is reality, but it isn’t the truth.

No matter what you’ve faced or are facing, I promise you, your favorite Bible teacher is facing hardships of her own, you will never know this side of heaven. I guarantee you, the conclusions we make up in our heads aren’t always what is, because the parts we get to see aren’t all there is. We are ALL facing something.

Truth, is my beautiful one, Christ died to set you free from your past, your present AND your future. He didn’t deliver you than say, “Now, from this moment on, be perfect.” No… He said “Go and sin no more.” Not as a unattainable goal and some fantasy expectation we can never reach, but as a statement of hope. “Go. Sin no more!” He is asking us to take action… Go! Sometimes we find ourselves in messes because we aren’t doing much about it to fight against it.

God desires for us to live in the truth of our deliverance and how beautiful, forgiven and set free we truly are. The action? Go. Walk in this truth.

The promises of the Bible are over 5000. Let’s begin to walk in authority knowing this: not everyday will feel purposeful, but we were created on purpose for a purpose.

This alone is worth fighting for our joy.

Let’s journey together and fight together, beautiful ones. We are all Jesus’ favorite Jesus girls. This too is a truth.



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