Week One || entry 1

Good morning, beauties… Happy #DiscerningTheVoice Eve. As we begin to prepare our hearts for all God has in store for us these next 7 weeks, I want to share a small written portion of a daily parent Devo I read.

“The apostles’ conversations with God were two-way. They spoke to God through prayer, and they listened to God through the Word. Initially, they were fortunate enough to have heard from the Word directly, but as the eye witnesses to Christ died, believers were able to turn to the written Word to hear God speak. That same source is available to us today in the written and inspired Bible.”

Access to the Word of God excites me. Part of that is also knowing, through prayer we can talk to God. Nothing complicated or sophisticated. Mere words to a God so eager to connect with you.

Begin your Eve in prayer. Ask Him to unlock the secrets of His Word to you, even today. Discerning His voice is our birthright. Let us begin today. -hugs


Living Creatively


One of the most life changing words ever spoken to me was, “Mónica, you are CREATIVE.”

I confess, it wasn’t till I came face to face with the Creator that I fully understood how a person like me, too can be creative. When I understood, and I mean REALLY understood that when I was woven together in my mother’s womb, I was created by the Creator Himself, how can I challenge such powerful, audacious words like that of the Bible?! Who am I kidding?

I have found the secret to living. Truly. And I say this with the upmost certainty and boldness as I am bold and certain that I love my kids.

Gratitude. The secret to living is gratitude.

Simple yet robust; I KNOW! Yet, it isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, right? Memes, documentaries & blogs; they are plastered everywhere with the simple truth of how gratitude changes how you see and appreciate life. If you are one of the few (very few), that haven’t heard how gratitude changes you, I promise you; after reading this blog post, YOU WILL.

Why is this? Because whatever we are focused on expands. For decades of my life (phew!), I  was so busy trying to come up with creative ideas on how I can be creative. Ha! Comical, right?! “Maybe I can be a nail technician or sell AVON. Maybe I can be a realtor or sell credit card machines. Oh, I know! I can be a social media manager and help others be creative. Yes! That’s the one.” All these sound like jobs right? They were! All on quest to find my creative flow.

Focused too much on what creativity looked like in the lives of other’s, it came easy to try and carbon copy myself into a womb of another being and cross fingers something, ANYTHING, eventually would stick. It only took me being assigned pedi’s at the nail shop so that customers wouldn’t be plagued with my nail painting, to know that wasn’t it. (I was bad at painting nails!) Oh, and it took ONE Sip n Paint sesh to scare even myself out of the paintbrush and canvas isles at Michael’s. Yet, one word changed my whole creative life. Gratitude.

I began to ask the questions to myself as well as others around me, “What do I like? What am I good at?” The answers didn’t come easy and creativity didn’t follow soon after. Creativity for me began the day I stopped looking at the creativity of others to mimic and began thanking the Creator for how He created me. Flaws and erry’thang!

Allow me to speak life changing words into you too, friend: “You are CREATIVE!” Genesis 1:26- “We were all created in the likeness and image of God.” Image of God is not so much something that a man bears as something that a man is. Woah! (thanks focusonthefamily.com!)

Being creative is a natural response on simply being who the Creator created YOU to be. He happened to be amazing at creating. Simply look at the world around you. Even better, take a minute and look at you. Look at how far you’ve come. Look at all the amazing things you can do. Focus on one thing you can be grateful for today; like the ability to read or write… Health, love, friendships, God’s promises. There is always something to be thankful for. Grab your one thing for today and tomorrow focus on another and the next day another.

This is the beginning of living, creatively. We are all creative.

– love & light,


What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?


Morgan Freeman in “Bruce Almighty!” Surely, the voice of God must sound like Morgan Freeman. Oh wait! Jim Caviezel from “The Passion” has a STRONG running in sounding like the voice of God. I can so remember the days when the voice of God was most comforting when it sounded like Octavia Spencer (Papa) from “The Shack.” Exhale.

Whatever the voice of God sounds like to you, I’d like to encourage you that the voice of God is best described as a feeling rather than an audible dictation. Most confidently, God can open up the heaven’s and speak to you as clear as I would sound in conversation, however with access to the Bible, we can have a one on one experience with the voice of God everyday if we desired. Isn’t that something?!

You and I can access our very present God through His living and active Word every… single… day. This rocks me!

His Word says in John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God.” (Emphasis mine). The Word became flesh when Jesus entered the world and when He ascended into Heaven, He left us a Comforter; the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our key to listening to the voice of God!

You see, if you are anything like me, there have been times you’ve opened the Bible and wondered, “how in the world can anyone understand this?” This changed for me when my heart for God changed. My prayers went from, “Why can’t I hear you?” to “Here I am Lord, help me hear Your voice through the pages of your Word.” The Holy Spirit is ready and active to impart the wisdom to understand the voice of God.

Would you like to know that you KNOW, you are hearing the voice of God?

Re|Defined is hosting its first Bible Study of the year, “Discerning the Voice of God” by Pricilla Shirer. You are invited! We would LOVE to sit with you at our table.

Join our fb group for information on our upcoming Kick Off Party, small group times and deets or email “tell me more!” at friends@redefinedtable.com.



Mónica- A Re|Defined Host

Our Story

What is a Re|Defined Table?
Re|Defined began a few years ago on my quest to belong. I wasn’t attending a church at the time and many had no clue the void I felt in my heart to belong somewhere; anywhere. The invitations stopped and my social media feeds left me feeling more and more alone. Although, surrounded by amazing family and friends, I began to wonder, “How many of them are feeling just like me?” And that’s when I decided to create something, I desired to be in place for me.
Re|Defined is designed for women interested in #BreakingBread, #ReadingBooks and #StudyingBible! We believe we are at our best when we are empowering and equipping each other to connect with God and each other. But you don’t have to live in the city to sit our table! Re|Defined features bloggers, entrepreneurs, dreamers from everywhere and invites them here; to join our conversation.
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