Three Strands

It’s so fascinating to me when words and Scripture greet you in a precise moment like bumping into a dear friend at Starbucks you’ve not seen in years. The right place, exact time, the right location, stars aligning. 

One morning I read an Ecclesiastes verse that arrested me just in time for this blog entry. 

My blog inspo: Relationships

The Ecclesiastes verse: cut to that same cloth

And so it read: “… A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” 

Like a cat-scan or ultrasound, how it read with such revealing qualities. The visualization was not hard to conjure. 

We were fashioned to commune. 

Designed to interconnect-no matter the dynamic of the relationship. 

Going deeper, for those of us craving the make-up of a world-changer and freedom-fighter, three strands are most CERTAINLY better than one. 

Such be the case for a place like Re|Defined Table. 

In constant search and reach for authentic collaboration, this movement is a breath of fresh air designed to distribute air into the lungs of she-ra visions and dreams. 

For example, Re|Defined is deep in partnership with Project 214, an organization that champions for education in underserved communities and vulnerable populations. 

Our newest campaign, for both Mónica and I who are very vested in P214? #HerTurn

#HerTurn is a campaign charged with energy to support the girl, women empowerment, and her fundamental right to an education. Globally, millions of girls are out of school because her pronoun is she, and we have a problem with that.

Why? Because a period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education! What’s more, women are fierce, a beacon, and fully capable! LET! US! GO!

The moral: Three strands, hands locked, partnership rendered, a celebration of one another granted wreaks havoc on enemy territory. 

The power of the relationship serves as a bionic arm that extends further than one can stretch alone. 

Jesus would always send his boys out in two’s; the Kingdom wasn’t established with solo-engines. Yet, rather with a collective, a collaboration of broken yet beautiful souls that joined forces to permeate with salt and light, hope and faith. 

Three strands are most certainly better. Truly, we are at our best in unison…#BetterTogether. 

Fellow freedom-fighter,

Sofia Gonzalez